Athlete Preservation Clinic

UW Health Athlete Preservation Clinic specializes in the unique needs of athletes ages 45-65UW Health Athlete Preservation Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, is designed specifically for adult athletes who want to remain active and at the top of their game.
News: New Clinics Helps Aging Athletes Stay at the Top of Their Game

Whether you sustained a recent sports injury, are struggling with long-term effects of a prior injury or simply want to manage changes associated with aging, our sports rehabilitation specialists can help. Our team will create individualized, innovative and scientifically proven rehabilitation techniques to safely return you to the sports and activities you most enjoy.


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Our Athlete Preservation Clinic team will initiate your care by performing a comprehensive evaluation of your strength, flexibility and movement capabilities. This may include:
  • Video analysis of your sport-specific movement
  • Use of force plates to assess appropriate biomechanics and impact activities
  • Computerized strength and motion testing equipment
  • Systematic movement screens
  • Various sport-specific performance assessments

Individualized Treatment Plan

UW Health Athlete Preservation Clinic treats the unique needs of athletes 45-65Based on the results of your evaluation, our team works with you to construct an individualized treatment plan designed to deliver fast and effective results. We coach you through every stage of the process to get you back to your sport as swiftly and safely as possible. Treatments may include:
  • Assessment and modification of sport-specific techniques to limit or reduce stress on injured joints and tissues, improve movement efficiency and enhance sport skill
  • Strength and stability therapeutic exercise progressions
  • Mobility and flexibility exercises
  • Balance and proprioceptive training
  • Sport specific energy system development
  • Dynamic warm-up and cool down strategies
  • Anti-Gravity unloading treadmill
  • Aquatic therapy
  • Bracing, orthotics and taping technologies and techniques

Our Staff

Douglas Grovergrys, MPT, ATC, CSCS, SCS

Doug practices physical therapy at the UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Clinic. He has clinical interests in facilitating return to sport by focusing on the proper specific body mechanics and mental aspects necessary for success. Ideally, these tools ...

Kirk D. Schulz, PT, OCS, CSCS, TPI-MP2

Kirk practices physical therapy at Sports Rehabilitation at UW Health at The American Center. He is board certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties as an orthopedic certified specialist and holds a specialist certification in st...

Mike VanVeghel, LAT

Mike practices as an athletic trainer in Sports Rehabilitation at UW Health at The American Center, and provides outreach athletic training services to Madison College. Mike specializes in treating athletes, with an emphasis on the effect of movement...