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UW Health Sports Medicine services: instructor teaching swimmerUW Health Sports Medicine in Madison, Wisconsin, offers a wide variety of programs and services. 
Whether you are a high school athlete looking to improve performance in your favorite sport, a casual athlete in need of a word of advice or a triathlete hoping to shatter your best time, we have a program that can help you improve performance or get back in the game.
Physician Services
  • Sports Medicine Clinic: Our sports medicine fellowship-trained doctors work closely with patients of all ages - kids and teens getting ready for their school sports, older athletes who want to remain on the field - and the rest of the sports medicine team to develop treatment plans that are patient-centered and focus on maximizing participation in sports and recreational activities. Learn more
  • Pediatric Fitness Clinic: Pediatric Fitness at UW Health offers a program to help children develop healthy habits of exercise and good nutrition. This unique program combines education with fun for children between the ages of 5 and 18 who have concerns regarding their weight or fitness. Learn more

Ancillary Services

  • UW Health Sports Medicine Services: Trainer working with athleteSports Rehabilitation: UW Health Sports Medicine's staff of physical therapists and athletic trainers is skilled in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries sustained by competitive and recreational athletes. Learn more
  • Fitness Center: Our goal is to help you incorporate physical fitness and exercise - essential components of health and wellness - into your life through membership or participation in our exercise classes. We have the skills and experience needed to help you achieve optimal results. Learn more
  • Exercise Science Laboratory: This unique laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and an expert staff trained in exercise physiology and biomechanics, is devoted to improving human performance. Learn more
  • Athletic Training: Since 1982, UW Health Sports Medicine has been providing comprehensive sports medicine care including athletic training directly to athletes at area high schools and small colleges. Learn more
  • Sports Medicine Services for Runners: We offer comprehensive sports medicine services for runners looking to improve their performance or recover from an injury. Learn more
  • Sport Psychology: Competition can cause some athletes to react both physically and mentally in a way that can affect their performance negatively. We offer sport psychology services for athletes who want to best use their mental and emotional skills to achieve peak athletic performance. Learn more
  • Sports Massage: We offer sports massage for performance enhancement, injury prevention, recovery assistance and rehabilitation. Learn more