Athletic Training

UW Health Sports Medicine athletic training: Trainer and athleteSince 1982, UW Health Sports Medicine in Madison, Wisconsin has provided athletic training services to local athletic groups, including game and event coverage for high school and college sports teams.
Starting with services for a few local high schools, the athletic training program has grown to serve more than 20 high schools, one college and dozens of area athletic organizations.
The athletic training program has expanded to include services as physician extenders in the UW Health Sports Medicine Clinic, orthopedics and pediatric orthopedics. Further, athletic trainers are also employed in areas of research, sports rehabilitation, nutrition and fitness.
Our Services
UW Health Sports Medicine athletic training services include:
  • Event coverage: We provide medical services at local athletic events to help ensure that the tournament, camp or other athletic event is safe and enjoyable for participants, spectators and parents.
  • High school and college outreach: Under the supervision of the UW Health Sports Medicine physicians, athletic trainers provide medical coverage to area high schools and small colleges. Learn more about our outreach work
  • Physician extenders: Our athletic trainers side-by-side with physicians and other health care professionals in our sports medicine and orthopedic clinics. Learn more about our physician extenders
  • Orthotics fitter: Athletic trainers fit and instruct patients in the application and use of numerous patient-assistive products. Learn more about our orthotics fitters
Our Athletic Trainers


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