One-on-One and Team Training

UW Health's Sports Performance training team can help athletes and teams reach their potential with a variety of training programs.UW Health Sports Performance's staff of degreed, certified and experienced coaches works with sport coaches, teams, clubs and groups to improve sports and athletic performance. Choose from any of the programs below to build a program that suits the specific needs of your team and athletes.


How do I sign up for team and individual training?


Request information about about our programs through our online form.


Team Training Components

  • Team Building: Teams that train together win. We help develop team building skills that will translate into teamwork and performance in competition.
  • Strength Training: Train like an athlete. We believe in making athletes stronger on the field of competition where it matters.
  • Speed Training: Speed is a skill – train it like one. Our coaches work with your athletes in developing linear speed with quick starts, explosive acceleration and maximal-velocity training specific to your sport. 
  • Agility Training: Agility training is more than just ladders. We work with your athletes on lateral movement skills, deceleration, multidirectional starts, reaction and quickness. 
  • Power Training: Power is the key to all sports. We work with your athletes to improve total body power, vertical jump, and rotational and horizontal power. 
  • Dynamic Preparation and Injury Prevention: Our coaches help your team learn how to properly warm up and prepare for competition, practice and injury prevention. 
  • Team Combines: Do you know how your players stack up athletically? We can design a testing protocol specific for your athletes and show you where your athletes/team needs improvement. 
  • Sports Nutrition: Fuel for high performance. Work with our certified sports nutritionists in learning to fuel for performance and recovery. 
  • Sport Psychology: Work with our trained sport psychologist in building the mindset of a champion.