Softball Training

UW Health Sports Performance training programs help you become a better athlete and better softball player. Use our preseason softball program to get ready for the season by blending skills work with training and conditioning, and our offseason training to improve your speed, strength and agility.


Become a Better Softball Player



Preseason Training (January and February)


UW Health Sports Performance Preseason Softball training: Girl fielding a softball 

Preseason Softball


Our preseason softball program follows a unique approach to athlete development and will help you improve your sprinting speed and quickness in the field while building your lower body power and core for a more powerful and healthy arm.


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Offseason Throwing and Speed and Strength Training (Year-round)


Our offseason speed and strength training programs help baseball and softball players improve their mobility and quickness, enhance foot speed, footwork and agility, and make you a stronger, more resilient athlete. And our throwing program teaches you how to throw a baseball or softball safely while building your arm strength.


UW Health Sports Performance throwing analysis program: Young pitcher throwing from an indoor mound 

1-on-1 Throwing Evaluations


Our two-pronged throwing analysis program is designed to reduce risks of injuries related to pitching and throwing and improving throwing and pitching efficiency and power.


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UW Health Sports Performance Developmental Speed Strength training: Girl doing pushups 

Developmental Speed Strength


This class introduces athletes 12 to 14 years old to training concepts for sprinting, change-of-direction agility, motor coordination and developmentally appropriate, athletic strength training.


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UW Health Performance Speed Strength training: Woman performing an agility drill 

Performance Speed Strength


Athletes 15 to 18 years old, learn how to develop speed and acceleration, athletic strength and multidirectional agility.


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