Meet Our Patients

Meet some of the amazing kids who have been treated in our UW Health Pediatric Neuromuscular Program and read their stories.


Piper's Story


Piper Droessler   

Piper Droessler will not know it for years to come, but there is reason to believe the 3-month old baby may be spared the devastating effects of an incredibly debilitating disease she was born with. She was the first Wisconsin baby to be positively screened for SMA through newborn screening and the first to be treated with a promising new drug, Zolgensma®. Read Piper's story


Samantha's Story


Samantha Ceplina   

Samantha Ceplina has had her heart set on a career in health care ever since childhood. A strikingly beautiful, good-humored and determined young woman, Samantha could have easily viewed her life as the proverbial half-empty glass. Diagnosed at age 6 with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), Samantha has not been able to walk for the past six years. Of course, she has no time for what others might view as obstacles. "SMA is something I have," she says, "but I have never let it define me. It has never changed what I have wanted to do." Read Samantha's story


Parker's Story


Parker Herman   

Parker was born with a rare, incurable neuromuscular disease called SMA, or spinal muscular atrophy. Children with SMA typically become very fatigued, and things most of us take for granted - such as walking, eating and even breathing - can be an incredible challenge. But Parker, a social butterly with an infectious smile, manages to always see the positive in every situation. Read Parker's story