Megan Sullivan, NP

  • Transplant Surgery (Inpatient Hospitalist)


Megan Sullivan, NP, is a nurse practitioner at UW Health. She provides care for adult patients during their hospital stay after abdominal organ transplant surgery.

Megan treats a variety of conditions, and complications, that can occur after abdominal organ (liver, kidney and pancreas) transplantation. This could include an infection or allograft rejection which is when the immune system rejects the transplanted organ or tissue.

She observes patients closely and listens to their concerns and symptoms to manage their post-operative care. Using her extensive training and experience, Megan is able to anticipate post-operative challenges in order to prevent or manage potential complications.

When she’s not working, Megan’s three children keep her busy and bring her great joy.

I chose the field of medicine because it is the perfect blend of cutting-edge science, technology and opportunities to help people.

Languages spoken
  • English
University affiliation

Education & credentials

  • Adult Nurse Practicioner (ANP)
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI