Jennifer Fisher, PhD

  • Pediatric Health Psychology
Jennifer Fisher, PhD


Jennifer Fisher, PhD, is a UW Health Kids pediatric health psychologist. She provides mental health support for children, teens and young adults who have chronic diseases and conditions.

Jennifer works primarily with children and adolescents who are receiving treatment for pediatric cancers such as leukemia (blood cancer affecting bone marrow), lymphoma (cancer affecting the lymphatic system), brain cancer and brain tumors. She also sees children who have chronic conditions like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease (a group of inherited red blood cell conditions) and other hematologic (blood) disorders.

Jennifer became a pediatric psychologist to help children who are struggling with difficult, long-term illnesses. She is an active listener, with a warm, compassionate approach that helps put kids at ease. After asking each patient about personal concerns and goals, she then centers her care around putting her patients’ needs first. She uses evidence-based techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and teaches coping strategies that kids can use on their own to lift their burdens. 

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family and cheering for her daughter during her year-round soccer games.

I teach kids strategies to help them get through some of the toughest experiences of their lives. It inspires me to see just how strong they can be.

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  • English
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Education & credentials

  • Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ
  • Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Columbus Children's Hospital, Columbus, OH