Emily Hagenmaier, LCSW

  • Integrative Health - Complementary Services


Emily Hagenmaier, LCSW, is a UW Health licensed clinical social worker, integrative health specialist and mindfulness instructor. She works with children, families and others to help manage chronic stress, mental health and issues associated with past trauma. Her specialties include early childhood and perinatal mental health and embodied social justice, an integrative, body-centered response to imbalances in social power.

As part of the UW Health Mindfulness program, she teaches approaches such as Mindful Self Compassion. This program supports deepening care for oneself when facing stressful challenges. She also developed the Mindfulness for Families class at UW Health. It explores how playful and creative mindfulness practices can support awareness and a sense of connectedness.

In her clinical practice, she integrates therapies such as mindfulness and somatic (mind-body) approaches to healing stress and trauma.

Emily also serves as an advisor to the Sesame Workshop which supports early childhood mental health and helps young children learn and build mindfulness skills.

In her free time, Sarah enjoys eccentric crafting and has a special appreciation for colors and nature.

I’m passionate about using compassion-based mindfulness practice to support relationships. I believe our healing is interconnected and co-created.

Languages spoken
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