Elaine Makarowski, NP

  • Internal Medicine


Elaine Makarowski, NP, is a nurse practitioner at UW Health. Elaine treats a wide variety of chronic and complex conditions in patients who are staying in residential nursing care facilities either short-term or for a long period of time. These conditions can range from infections, accidental injuries or age-related diseases to recovery after major surgical procedures or sudden illness.

Throughout her patients’ care, Elaine collaborates closely with their primary care doctor at UW Health. She works as part of a team to evaluate and care for changing conditions, treatment plans and care needs.

Her philosophy is to meet patients where they are, working collaboratively with them to understand their individual care goals and needs. Patients in a nursing home or residential facility face unique challenges and stressors. Elaine is dedicated to communicating openly and clearly with her patients to support and guide them in their health care decisions.

Many of my patients face tremendous stress and isolation. It is imperative to be honest and transparent so they can make the best or most realistic choices for their health care.

Languages spoken
  • English
University affiliation
  • Department of Long Term Care Facilities

Education & credentials

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI