Cynthia Bonk, CPed

  • Orthotics


Cynthia Bonk is a certified pedorthist at UW Health. Cynthia cares for adults and children with foot and ankle disorders. Working with the doctor, she creates custom orthotic devices molded from casts of the patient.

Cynthia treats a wide range of foot conditions, including diabetic foot complications, partial amputations due to diabetes or trauma, sports and overuse injuries, neuropathy (pain, tingling and numbness), non-healing ulcers and other conditions or deformities present from birth.

Cynthia also provides custom-molded shoes for people with extensive foot deformities or open sores that don’t heal.

For each of her patients, her goal is to help reduce their foot and ankle pain, improve mobility and reduce the need for amputation or further amputation.

My goal with each patient is to reduce their pain, help them move better and protect them from possible amputation.

Languages spoken
  • English