Chessa Fischer, NP

  • Palliative Care Medicine
Chessa Fischer, NP


Chessa Fischer, NP, is a UW Health nurse practitioner. She provides palliative care to patients in hospice or those who are going through a terminal illness. She helps gather resources, answer questions and foster relationships between the patient and other members of their care team.

Chessa helps patients and their families with pain management and helps to control symptoms due to chronic illness or medication side effects. She serves as an extra layer of support during a patient’s illness to help meet their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

Chessa cares for patients who are in a hospital or nursing facility, as well as patients who receive care at home. She sees it as a privilege to support her patients and their family members at such a challenging time.

Outside of the clinic, Chessa enjoys spending time outside, reading and cooking.

I want to help people at a very difficult time in their lives, often when they’re faced with a terminal illness.

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  • English
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  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

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