Betsy Thompson, PT

  • Physical Therapy


Betsy Thompson, PT, is a UW Health physical therapist with a physical therapy doctorate and advanced expertise in pelvic health. She diagnoses and treats a wide array of conditions, including pelvic pain and pelvic disorders in women and men. She also cares for patients with cancerous and benign (noncancerous) tumors resulting in pelvic health concerns.

Betsy treats urinary and bowel disorders such as incontinence and constipation, prostate disorders, and vaginal conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse.

In addition to evaluating conditions and providing the latest physical therapies, Betsy provides post-operative care after minimally invasive or open surgeries. She treats patients throughout their healing and recovery from procedures such as prostate surgery, pelvic reconstruction and vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure to remove growths or restore vaginal structure and function.

She also provides specialized care for patients who have had surgery to remove colorectal (colon and rectum) tumors and reproductive tract cancers.

I collaborate with specialists and patients to help them achieve personalized treatment goals.

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  • English

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