Angela Longmore, CO

  • Orthotics


Angela Longmore, CO, is a UW Health certified orthotist. She treats patients who need custom-fit orthotic braces and supportive devices for various injuries, trauma and medical conditions.

Angela provides spinal, post-amputation and acute care for patients of all ages. Her specialties include treating hospitalized children and adolescents after traumatic injury. As part of a multispecialty team, she also cares for children with spina bifida — a spinal cord defect present from birth — and neuromuscular disorders.

Having advanced biomedical engineering training enables Angela to build and fine-tune braces for ideal fit and function. During follow-up care, she adjusts braces to suit each patient’s needs.

Many of Angela’s patients are experiencing pain and emotional distress after traumatic experiences. Angela’s caring approach and attention to detail eases both their physical and emotional challenges. She enjoys working with patients and their families, listening carefully to address their concerns throughout the healing and rehabilitation process. Angela takes time to understand patients and tailor her approach to changing needs.

In her free time, Angela is an avid flower and vegetable gardener. She loves cooking, creating mosaic art, traveling, camping and hiking.

I feel it’s important to provide compassionate, confident care. I help patients and families understand why they need a particular medical device and how I can help.

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