The Primary Care doctors and staff at UW Health are dedicated to provide the highest quality of care in a compassionate and patient-family centered environment. We look forward to working with you to respond to your health care needs and provide an excellent health care experience. Need help finding a primary care doctor? Call our UW Health Welcome Center for help: (608) 821-4819.


What is Primary Care?  

What Is Primary Care?

Primary Care doctors and staff work with you to promote a healthy lifestyle, treat acute and chronic illness, screen for and prevent common conditions, and much more. 

My Visit  

My Visit


We want to help make your upcoming visit a great care experience. Here are some ideas to help prepare for your visit. Learn more about your role

Care Team  

Health Care Team


Your health care team partners with you to respond to your health care needs and provide an excellent care experience. Your physician and other health care team members work together to support you in your efforts to stay healthy and manage ongoing conditions. Learn more about your health care team

Home-Based Primary Care helps individuals stay safe in their home for as long as possible. 

Home-Based Primary Care


Sometimes serious and long-term health conditions make it challenging to get to a medical appointment at a clinic. When this happens, Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) allows the medical team to come to your home.


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