Home-Based Primary Care

Sometimes serious and long-term health conditions make it challenging to get to a medical appointment at a clinic. When this happens, Home-Based Primary Care (HBPC) allows the medical team to come to your home.

Your medical team includes a UW Health primary care doctor, nurse practitioner, social worker, registered nurse and medical assistant. Your Home-Based Primary Care team will help you stay safe in your home as long as possible. Your home can be a private home, senior apartment community or assisted living facility.


Home-Based Primary Care provided at your home may include:

  • Visits when you don’t feel well
  • Help with social support and resource needs
  • Work on your healthcare goals
  • Reviewing and managing your medications and simplifying when possible
  • Improving support for you and your caregiver

Some changes in your health may require you to travel to the emergency room or hospital. Your medical team will continue to be there for you, by communicating your goals of care and needs to the facility once you are ready to return home.


If you live in zip codes 53705, 53711, 53717 or 53719, and you have difficulty leaving your home because of your medical condition, you may be eligible to receive home visits.