Pharmacy Services

UW Health pharmacists provide expert knowledge in managing your drug therapy. We are available to answer your questions and provide private counseling and education. We are partners in the outcome of your drug therapy. With direct, confidential access to UW Health providers, our pharmacists provide you with the best total patient care.

Community Pharmacies


Online Pharmacy: Save yourself a phone call - refill your UW Health pharmacy prescription with a few clicks of your computer's mouse.


Note: We can only ship prescriptions within Wisconsin and Illinois. Our Online Pharmacy is for UW Health prescriptions only. If you would like to change your prescription to a walk-in UW Health pharmacy:

  1. Call the UW Health Pharmacy you would like to use for your prescriptions. Find a UW Health pharmacy
  2. Tell our pharmacists which prescriptions you would like transferred and where they were last filled.
  3. Tell our pharmacists which refill option you prefer: pick-up, delivery or delivery by mail.

Immunizations: Protect yourself from illness with immunizations. UW Health pharmacists are certified to provide immunizations against influenza, shingles, tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.


One-on-One Private Teaching: Our pharmacists offer complete counseling services, including medication teaching guides and free, private consultation. In addition to a prescription label, we print a drug information form for you, providing details specific to your medication.


Telephone Inquiries: We encourage you to call our pharmacists with any questions about your medications.


Medication Check-ups: A medication check-up is a one-on-one appointment with a pharmacist to talk about all of your prescription and over-the-counter medications. These visits strive to help patients meet treatment goals and improve health. We screen for:

  • Medication interactions and side effects
  • How well your medications are working
  • Whether medications may be needed or not
  • How to help you remember your medications
  • Possible cost savings

All recommendations are shared with your provider for approval. To make an appointment, please call (608) 890-5822. Appointments last from 30 to 60 minutes.


Medication check-up Locations

Specialized Pediatric Care: American Family Children's Hospital Pharmacy specializes in issues unique to pediatric patients, working with your physician to make the process of giving medication at home easier.


Financial Assistance for Medications: The UW Medication Assistance Program (MAP) can assist patients who cannot afford their medications.  MAP can help patients enroll in manufacturer-supplied free drug programs, co-pay assistance, foundations/grants, etc. Location: University Hospital, 600 Highland Ave. Room #H6/210, Madison, (608) 262-6443.


Inpatient Services


UW Health is a nationally-recognized leader in the provision of high-quality, patient-centered inpatient pharmacy services. Areas of national preeminence include patient safety, innovative use of technology and automation, drug use policy, and training future leaders for the profession of pharmacy.


UW Health has been named the top hospital in Wisconsin by U.S News & World Report magazine from 2012-2016. In addition, UW Health is home of the UW Carbone Cancer Center, one of 41 federally-designated centers for cancer treatment and research, and has one of the largest organ transplant programs in the nation. The department's drug distribution system is heavily supported, using automation and innovative robotic and point-of-care technology, which is supported by a fully-integrated information system and network.


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