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American Family Children's Hospital

The American Family Children's Hospital Pharmacy is a patient-centered pharmacy practice that focuses on the care of patients of all ages and backgrounds. While we work primarily with pediatric patients, our pharmacists have diverse experience working within other pharmacy sites and patient populations across the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics system.
Specializing in Pediatric Patients
We specialize in issues unique to pediatric patients, working with your physician to make the process of giving medication at home easier. Our pharmacists are extensively trained in the practice of prescription compounding (using tablets and capsules to make oral suspensions) for patients who are too young or physically unable to swallow pills. These prescriptions are done as a priority when phoned in or dropped off with no additional compounding fees or extra ingredient charges.
Our services include:
  • Complimentary prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) product flavoring (ranging from the standard bubblegum to chocolate-covered cherry and strawberry creamsicle)
  • Complimentary delivery service within the city of Madison
  • Complimentary mail service for patients enrolled in the UW Mail Service Program throughout Wisconsin and the upper Midwest
  • Online billing for the majority of commercial insurance plans, avoiding the burden of extra out-of-pocket expense 
  • An array of common OTC products; We are also able to special order most products for delivery the following business day
  • Medical information about drug interactions and issues related to drug therapy and dosing
Our pharmacists are problem solvers who work with patients and physicians to meet specific needs, and we are proud of our innovation and high product standards.

Located on the first floor of the American Family Children's Hospital in the Wisconsin Avenue Gift Shop.