Tara Hoffman, Medical Assistant

Tara Hoffman, Medical AssistantPatient care is my passion. I love helping people and want to do everything I can to make our patients’ experiences the best they can be. Every patient I meet is either a mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, or grandparent. I treat each person how I would expect my family to be treated. For example, when I am giving vaccines, I verify multiple times that everything is correct because that is what I would do for my own family member.


In my role, I am the one to 'room' a patient – leading them back to the room where the visit will take place. I am responsible for capturing key information in a short amount of time (keeping appointments running on time!), including checking vital signs and medication lists. I also try to put people at ease and make a personal connection with them.


Since I am the first one to meet with a patient/family, I often get a sense of how they’re doing that day and what’s on their minds. I engage them in conversation, and when they talk, I really listen. Everything a patient shares with us can help us better meet their needs.


I strive to go above and beyond for every patient, every time. I enjoy making people feel like they are important – because they are!


One time, I found a stuffed animal that a child had left behind. It was closing time, but I didn’t wait until the next morning; I called the family right away so the child wouldn’t have to go to bed that night without it. The parents were so appreciative and the child has remembered me ever since. That simple gesture made a lasting impression!


In healthcare, there are a lot of changes taking place, which can be overwhelming and could lead to some negativity. But I choose to focus on the positive aspects of my job, especially my interactions with patients/families because that is what makes me love coming to work every day. Attitudes are contagious, so I choose a positive one! I truly love my job!

- Tara Hoffman, Medical Assistant