Creative Coping with Chronic Illness

Contact Information

Call (608) 263-8060 to schedule an initial evaluation and orientation appointment.

Join UW Health health psychologist Heidi Beckman, PhD, in this group for adults living with chronic medical conditions.


This group will help:

  • Improve your motivation for good self-care
  • Increase your acceptance of illness and changes in your functioning
  • Reconnect with activities that provide meaning and purpose
  • Group leader Heidi Beckman, PhDIncrease your confidence for managing distressing, illness-related thoughts and emotions

About the Group

  • The group meets for 90 minutes once a week.
  • Sessions occur on a day and at a time that is agreed upon by the group participants.
  • Sessions are held at UW Hospital and Clinics, 600 Highland Avenue.
  • The group leader will assist you in checking with your insurance provider about coverage. Sessions are billed under Health and Behavior codes. A referral from a physician may be required by some insurance providers.

Topics Covered in the Group

  • Acceptance, resilience and active coping
  • Relaxation, stress reduction and mindfulness
  • Dealing with health-related fears
  • How illness impacts your relationship with others