February 22, 2021

UW Health trains staff to prepare for arrival of COVID-19 vaccines

Madison, Wis. — In anticipation of the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, UW Health is training staff to administer them to tier 1A front-line healthcare workers.

Nurses, nursing assistants, clinical techs and others are being trained to prepare the vials of vaccines and administer them. To master injecting the vaccines, they will first practice by injecting colleagues (and sometimes fruit!) with a saline solution.

Following guidance on eligibility issued by state and federal government, UW Health will play a major role in distributing and administering the Pfizer vaccine and other vaccines that follow over the coming weeks and months.

While excitement for the vaccines is understandable, UW Health wants the community to understand that wide availability of the vaccines is still months away. Patients should not call their healthcare providers to schedule a vaccination, and there are no wait lists for the vaccine at this time.

With a difficult winter still ahead of us, it is important that everyone practice proven prevention efforts such as wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands.