April 21, 2022

UW Health at The American Center now UW Health East Madison Hospital

Madison, Wis. – In an ongoing effort to improve patient experience, consistency and wayfinding for UW Health facilities in the Madison area, UW Health at The American Center has officially changed its name to UW Health East Madison Hospital.

This update better reflects what the facility offers our patients and the community, including surgical and emergency care, according to Ryann DeGraff, chief operating officer, UW Health East Madison Hospital. DeGraff noted that besides the name, nothing else is changing.

“Since this facility opened in 2015, it has grown to be a vital resource to our patients, offering everything from meditation practice to knee replacement to parathyroid surgery,” said DeGraff. “I’m glad we’ve taken this meaningful step to ensure our name aligns with what patients have come to expect from us here at UW Health East Madison Hospital.”

The new name also leverages Google Maps and other wayfinding apps so patients can navigate more easily to our hospitals and clinics using their phone or tablet devices.

The transition became official April 12, with updated external signage. Patients began receiving notifications of the change in mid-March via letters and MyChart.

The continuing growth of UW Health’s operations in Wisconsin and Illinois is a key driver behind this strategic renaming effort, of which East Madison Hospital is the latest update.

All naming updates will allow us to better serve patients and families with clearer wayfinding and more consistency. In 2021, the SwedishAmerican Health System was officially renamed UW Health. In January 2022, UW Health Arboretum Clinic in Madison was renamed to UW Health 1102 S Park St Clinic. In March 2022, UW Odana Atrium Clinic was renamed to UW Health Odana Rd Clinic.

As UW Health expands on the east side of Madison with the building of the Eastpark Medical Center, this naming consistency will improve the patient experience across facilities.