November 1, 2019

Training Tips for Runners: What Comes After Your 5K?

You accomplished your goal of participating in a 5K fun run/walk. You found a training plan, stuck to it and made great progress. Congratulations on completing your goal!

Now that the event is done, are you motivated to continue your exercise program?

Do you have a plan to maintain your gains or take a next step? Or have you stopped exercising?

Here are some ideas from UW Health Fitness Center's staff to help you maintain that motivation or get you back out there:

Training Tips for Runners

Find tips and resources to help you improve your running from the professionals with UW Health Sports Medicine.

Training Tips for Runners

  • Do another 5K. There are so many annual events and great charities out there.

  • Sign up for a strength training class at your gym. Strength training is a great way to improve you running form, speed, and efficiency. The UW Health Fitness Center offers several great options

  • Love to swim? Take a few lessons to improve your technique and join a swim club/class.

  • Join a running club. These weekly groups can be a great way to socialize while maintaining your running routine.

  • Engage your family and friends. Get them to join you in a fun run or walk and be their exercise buddy to reach their goal.

  • Add non-weight bearing exercise. Running is a great aerobic exercise, but it can also be hard on your muscles and joints. Try yoga, biking, swimming one to two times per week to help to prevent injury and keep your runs feeling great.

  • Do a longer run. Train for a 5-mile or a 10K.

  • List a few activities that you have wanted to try. Ideas include kayaking, stand up paddle boards, take a class or check out a boot camp.

  • List a few activities that you haven’t done in a while. Get the bike out, go swimming, roller blading or dancing.

  • Sign up for an organized bike ride/tour or join a bike club.

  • Sign up for a winter cross country ski event – start dry land training now.

  • Make a list of county or state parks that you want to visit and get out there to hike the trails. Visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website to plan your next trip

It is time to set that next goal. That first step is the hardest. What will it be?

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