Clinical Notes in MyChart

To make sure you don’t miss important information about your health care, UW Health has added a feature in MyChart that allows you to review details of your visit as written by your provider. These shared clinical notes help make sure that you and your healthcare team are on the same page.

What is a Clinical Note?

You may hear clinical notes called by a few different names, like open notes or even provider notes (or doctor notes). These notes are written by your doctor, nurse or other healthcare professional and summarize the most important information from your recent visit. The note becomes a part of your medical record and may contain:

  • A summary of what you told the doctor or nurse, also called a history
  • Findings from an exam, such as your blood pressure, weight or how your lungs sounded
  • Lab, radiology, pathology or other test results
  • Your doctor’s assessment or diagnosis of any medical conditions or symptoms, also called assessment or impressions
  • The treatment plan recommended by your doctor and discussed with you
  • Next steps, including upcoming tests, follow up appointments or referrals

This is in addition to the visit summary UW Health already makes available in MyChart. The notes feature was rolled out in mid-September 2018, and only notes for visits after September 25, 2018 will be available in your MyChart record.

How Do I See the Notes From My Doctor?

Once you are logged into MyChart, you can view the notes by:


1) Go to the Visits menu

2) Then select Appointments and Visits by clicking on the name


This screenshot is similar to what you will see when you move your mouse over the Visits icon in the top menu:



Screenshot from MyChart - Accessing Clinical Notes


The yellow numbers are only for reference and will not appear when you are in MyChart.


Once you select Appointments and Visits, a list of appointments and past visits will appear. To select the visit you want to view, click on the date. 


A new screen will appear with the details of the appointment. To view the notes from that visit, select the Notes tab near the top of the screen (the yellow arrow in the image below is pointing to the tab.)


Screenshot from MyChart - Accessing Clinical Notes Screenshot from MyChart - Accessing Clinical Notes



Notes from most outpatient visits are displayed in MyChart, but at this time, notes from admissions or hospital outpatient departments are excluded. We are also limited to showing these notes on the web (computer) version only. We hope to be able to offer these on the mobile (phone) version in the future.

In the future, patients will receive notifications when the notes are available to be viewed, however, that feature is not yet available.


Patient Testimonial

A patient shared their experience with being able to access the Clinical Notes:

Open Notes has helped streamline my care between my many providers at UW Health. I now have the ability to ask specific questions based directly on provider notes. I’ve directly copied from one physician’s clinical notes and sent the relevant information so another specialist had context and was more easily able to address my question through MyChart messaging. I’m grateful that Open Notes has contributed to more efficient and accurate care."