UW Health Men's Health Clinic

We know going to the doctor is not at the top of your list. But you might have questions or concerns about changes in your body.


Do you lack sexual interest? Are you having trouble with erections? Are you getting up more during the night to urinate?


We can help. We will partner with you to improve your quality of life - from regular check-ups to complex conditions. Our clinic gives you access to a variety of specialists who can find the cause of your symptoms.


Did you know:

  • Roughly 70 percent of erectile dysfunction is caused by high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and high cholesterol
  • Hardened arteries account for 50-60 percent of erectile dysfunction in men over 60
  • If you're waking up and making multiple trips to the bathroom, it could be a sign of a common or not-so-common issue, like an enlarged prostate, diabetes, anxiety or a neurological disorder.
  • Nightmares and frightening dreams can be caused by anxiety and stress, but they can also be caused by certain medications.

At the Men’s Health Clinic at UW Health at the American Center, in Madison, Wisconsin, we can help you check your medical concerns off your list, so you can move on to the other parts of your busy life.




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Patient self-referrals and physician referrals are both accepted at the Men's Health Clinic.