Diabetes care at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin brings together experts to treat every aspect of your condition. Nutrition, exercise, medications - our team looks at your entire picture of health. We also offer classes and support groups to empower you with the information you need to live with diabetes.
Please note, UW Health patients: If able, please bring your diabetes supplies with you if you need to come to the hospital. This includes your home glucose meter and testing supplies, continuous glucose monitoring systems and/or your insulin pump and supplies.


Lifestyle Change Program 

Lifestyle Change Programning


Take steps toward achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with support from UW Health's Lifestyle Change Programming. Learn more


UW Health diabetes care team: Physician and patient talking 

Your Diabetes Care Team


Your Diabetes Care Team will be working with you to help you manage your diabetes. Our goal is to support you in your efforts to live well with diabetes. Diabetes is a condition that can be managed. We are here to help you learn as much as you can about it.


Learn more about your care team


UW Health Diabetes Management: Minority groups not getting diabetes screening 

Screening for High-risk Groups


Although people from certain ethnic groups are at high risk for getting diabetes a new study suggests that screenings are not being done as often as they should. Read more


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Physician and patient: Accessing diabetes care 

Accessing Care


Diagnosis and management of diabetes is often a team effort involving your primary care physician, dietitian and nurse. Browse our clinics and providers:

My Life, My Diabetes, My Story: A patient education video produced by the UW Health Diabetes care team

Diabetes Education Video


In "My Life, My Diabetes, My Story," a patient education video produced by the UW Health Diabetes care team, you can learn about the most effective strategies for living with diabetes from the people who know best - our patients.


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UW Health Diabetes Management: diabetes tracking tools spacer UW Health Diabetes Management: Healthy Living with Diabetes class