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Contact UW Carbone Cancer Center for appointment scheduling, patient referrals and more information: 

(608) 262-5223

(800) 622-8922

The UW Prostate and Genitourinary Cancer Program (UWPGCP) and the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, the state's only comprehensive cancer center, use a multidisciplinary approach to treat kidney cancer or renal cell cancer.


Our team of physicians include urologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists provide innovative and effective treatment for patients with kidney or renal cell cancers.


Kidney cancer is diagnosed in more than 58,000 people in the United States each year and is responsible for more than 13,000 deaths from metastatic disease. The frequency (incidence) and detection of kidney cancer has been increasing over the last few decades. Early detection is now commonplace with the increased availability of abdominal imaging (CT scans and MRI) for other causes.


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