Generations: A Comprehensive Program

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    Madison's only fertility specialist for men."

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    We felt the single embryo option made the best sense for our family." Julie

If you are considering seeing an infertility specialist, how do you know which program to select?


Consider asking what they offer. For example, do you know who runs their lab and how much experience he or she has in that role? Do they offer genetic counseling and screening? What about male infertility issues? And of course, how are their outcomes?


Generations Fertility Care in Middleton, Wisconsin, is proud of the program we've built and think that we offer breadth and depth of services - and outcomes - that compare to any program in the nation. Learn more about what sets us apart.


Successful Outcomes

  • High IVF Success Rates: We have maintained better than national average success rates despite a nearly four-fold higher rate of transferring just one embryo. In 2013, for women younger than 35 years old, 53 percent of all embryo transfers at Generations were single embryo transfers, compared to the 2012 national average of 14.8 percent. Learn more about our IVF Success Rates and compare them to the national averages

  • Low Twin Rate for IVF: The national rate of twins with IVF is approximately 30 percent, yet due to our vigilant, single-embryo transfer rate our twin rate is less than 10 percent (2013 data). Note that our success rate has not suffered from the single-embryo transfers and, in fact, has risen every year.


  • Screening: Through Good Start Genetics we offer testing for 23 genetic conditions, at no cost to the patient. This panel includes all the conditions recommended for screening by the by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG) in women planning to conceive.

  • Counseling: Genetic counseling is a communication process of providing information and support to those with questions or concerns about genetic conditions. Common reasons to have a consultation include: concerns about risks to a future pregnancy due to maternal age, medication exposures, obesity or a family history of birth defects or genetic conditions.


  • Area's Only Male Infertility Specialist: Dr. Daniel Williams is the area's only male infertility specialist. He specializes in all aspects of male infertility and is fellowship trained in Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology. He also performs sperm-extraction procedures at Generations, with an anesthesiologist present to help minimize patient discomfort.

  • Leading-Edge Treatment for Endometriosis: Dr. Cara King is one of the only surgeons in Wisconsin performing laparoscopic excision of endometriosis. This procedure is a highly effective treatment for endometriosis, a painful condition that may lead to infertility.


  • Staff Psychologist: Dr. Julianne Zweifel has been counseling patients for more than 20 years. Her expertise is in working with individuals and couples facing reproductive health issues, including infertility, high risk pregnancies, multiple gestation, pregnancy loss, postpartum depression and depression and anxiety in pregnancy. While much of Dr. Zweifel's work focuses on the mental health aspects of reproduction, she also works with individuals experiencing more general forms of anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties. All patients going forward with IVF or the use of donor eggs or sperm will meet with Dr. Zweifel to address and resolve common psychological aspects of these treatments. If the patient is going through the IVF progress, that visit is covered in the package price. Patients working with Dr. Zweifel can expect to find a supportive environment to discuss their concerns. They can also expect to receive helpful advice on managing the stress and emotions that are often a part of difficult situations.

  • Anesthesiologist Present for Procedures: A board-certified anesthesiologist administers sedation for all of our egg-retrieval procedures and is available for sperm-extraction surgeries as well.

Care Centered Around You


  • Couples Clinic: Along with Dr. Dan Williams, our male infertility specialist, we can see couples at one visit to Generations as he evaluates the men and Dr. Christina Broadwell or Dr. Aleks Stanic evaluates the women. Together, the couple and physicians determine how to proceed. The Couples Clinic is unique to Wisconsin and is rarely seen in any other programs in the country.

  • Staff Financial Counselors: While at Generations, patients can meet with one of our financial counselors to outline the precise cost of testing and treatments. These savvy, experienced specialists are here to help patients navigate through their insurance and financial options.

IVF Laboratory


  • Accredited IVF Laboratory: Our IVF laboratory has been inspected and accredited by the College of American Pathologists for 15 consecutive years. It has been inspected by the FDA and is licensed in the state of Wisconsin to perform high-complexity clinical testing. 

  • Experienced Lab Director: Dr. Jeffrey Jones is a board certified High-Complexity Clinical Laboratory Director and has been the director of an IVF laboratory for more than 15 years. Dr. Jones is nationally recognized as a leader in the field and organizes an annual conference held in Madison for IVF embryologists from across the country. To a large degree, his many years of IVF experience and dedicated team of embryologists are credited with our clinic's high success rates.