About infertility treatments

Having a baby is one of life’s great joys, but it’s not always easy. If you need help getting pregnant, Generations Fertility Care is here for you. We offer all types of fertility treatments, including artificial insemination. It’s also known as intrauterine insemination, or IUI. 

We know fertility issues are sensitive, and we protect your privacy at every stage. We also offer emotional support and encouragement as we provide medical care. We’ll help you through each step of the process.

About the treatment

What is artificial insemination?

IUI involves placing sperm directly inside your uterus to fertilize an egg. The sperm comes from a male partner or donor. 

IUI may aid pregnancy by: 

  • Bypassing issues in the cervix, which are sometimes the cause of infertility 

  • Greatly increasing the number of sperm that reach an egg 

Who is artificial insemination for? 

IUI may help couples whose specific cause of infertility can’t be determined and women without a male partner. It’s also a good option for women with a male partner who has:

  • A genetic condition that parents want to avoid passing on

  • Low sperm count 

  • No sperm 

The treatment process

The insemination process

Most treatment takes place in our clinic. The clinic features private, spa-like surroundings. It’s designed with your comfort and privacy in mind. This is how the process works:

  1. 01.
    You take medication

    This happens one to two weeks before your insemination. The medicine stimulates your body to release eggs from your ovaries. Sometimes, we also inject hormones that make fertilization of the eggs more likely.

  2. 02.
    Sperm is collected

    If sperm comes from a male partner, he’ll produce a sperm sample in a private collection room at our clinic. This usually takes place about 90 minutes before your scheduled insemination. If the sample comes from a donor, it will be frozen. We will thaw it before your procedure.

  3. 03.
    We process the sample

    We do this in our lab. Our procedure concentrates the sperm and increases the chances for conception.

  4. 04.
    The sperm is placed

    After cleaning your cervix with a cotton swab, the doctor places the sperm into your vagina and past your cervix through a small tube called a catheter. This takes just a few minutes and causes little or no discomfort.

  5. 05.
    You recline on the exam table

    Lying down for a while — just 10 to 15 minutes — may improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

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  6. 06.
    You return home

    When the procedure is complete, it’s OK to return home and go about your normal life. You may have some cramping and light vaginal bleeding.

  7. 07.
    You take a home pregnancy test

    This should happen about two weeks after your visit.

IUI costs 

The cost of IUI varies and is based on your specific treatment. We’ll provide you with a detailed cost estimate. 

You can learn more on our financial information page.

To learn more about IUI and whether it’s a good option for you, call us at (608) 824-6160. You can also schedule an appointment by completing our online form.

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At Generations Fertility Care, you’ll find a team of caring experts who focus on you. They have expertise in all types of fertility issues. We also have team members who specialize in genetics, health psychology and more. All of them are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal of parenthood.

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