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Rana C. Leer Haupt, PA

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Rana C. Leer Haupt, PA-C completed her education at Red Rocks Community College and Saint Francis University.


Spine Medicine

Orthopedic Spine Surgery


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Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation, Orthopedics

Professional Certifications and Education

Education St. Francis University, Loretta, PA

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About Physician Assistants (PAs)

At UW Health, physician assistants work together on teams with physicians to provide direct medical care to patients of all ages across primary, specialty, hospital and long-term care settings. A physician assistant is an advanced practice provider (APP) with a bachelor's or master's degree. They have education, training and certification in a medical model of care that focuses on the diagnosis, management, prevention and treatment of common and complex medical conditions. They are licensed and board-certified to provide medical care with the supervision of a physician. Physician Assistants are also referred to as advanced practice providers (APPs) and PA-C (certified physician assistant).

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