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Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Dr. Mustafa Baskaya is a professor at University Hospital. He has a strong and diverse background in both research and clinical care. He specializes in surgery for cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, cavernous angiomas and revascularization for stroke such as carotid endarterectomy, bypass surgery, complex brain tumors with deep locations (gliomas and metastatic tumors) and tumors of the skull base such as meningiomas, acoustic neuromas and and pituitary adenomas. Dr. Baskaya also provides microsurgery of spinal cord tumors.



Acoustic Neuromas

Arteriovenous Malformation

Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors

Brain Tumor (Neurosurgery)

Brain Tumor Care

Carotid Artery Surgery

Cavernous Angioma

Cavernous Carotid Fistula

Cerebral Aneurysm

Cerebrovascular (Neurosurgery)

Chiari Malformation

Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Extracranial Intracranial Bypass Surgery

General Neurosurgery

Hydrocephalus (Adult)

Intracranial Atherosclerosis


Pituitary Tumor (Neurosurgery)

Pituitary Tumors

Skull Base (Neurosurgery)

Skull Base Surgery

Stereotactic Brain Biopsy



Stroke (Neurosurgery)

Transphenoidal Craniotomy

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt


University Hospital
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University Hospital
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UW School of Medicine and Public Health

Department of Neurological Surgery

Professional Certifications and Education

Board Certification Neurological Surgery
Fellowship Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery, Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL and Louisiana State University Medical Center, Shreveport, LA

Cerebrovascular, Nagoya University Hospital, Japan

Residency University of Ankara, Turkey
Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, FL
Medical School Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey

Languages Spoken

Medical interpreters are available to help patients communicate with hospital and clinic staff. For more information, please contact interpreter services at (608) 262-9000.

Dr. Baskaya has published numerous papers concerning the surgical management of intracranial aneurysms, subarachnoid hemorrhage, microsurgical anatomy of the skull base and cerebral ischemia and brain injury after trauma. He serves as an associate editor of Neuroanatomy Journal and an editorial board member of Annals of Neurosurgery (e-journal).

PubMed Articles
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[PubMed ID: 32761236]
Erginoglu U Sayyahmelli S Baskaya MK Trigeminal Neuralgia Caused by Vascular Compression from the Petrous Carotid Artery with Bony Erosion and Meckel's Cave Encephalocele: Clinical Imaging with Surgical Video. World Neurosurg . 2020 Oct 9;
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Buckley NA Baskaya MK Darsie ME Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) in Severe Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) in a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Patient with Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis (CVST). Neurocrit Care . 2020 Sep 30;
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Ozaydin B Dogan I Wheeler BJ Baskaya MK Gross Total Resection of a Grade IV Astrocytoma Adjacent to the Precentral Gyrus With Nonawake Motor Mapping and Motor-Evoked Potential Monitoring: 3-Dimensional Operative Video. Oper Neurosurg (Hagerstown) . 2020 Apr 1;18(4):E127-E128
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Li Y Sayyahmelli S Baskaya MK Spontaneous Subarachnoid Hemorrhage From a Pure Pial Arterial Malformation in the Lateral Cerebellomedullary Junction: Clinical Images with a Surgical Video. World Neurosurg . 2020 Mar;135:214-216
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