Pricing Transparency

How does UW Health's prices compare to other Wisconsin facilities?


Wisconsin Act 146 seeks to make health care costs and charges clearer to consumers. It requires health care providers to disclose, upon request, certain charge and payment information for health care services, tests and procedures.


For comparative information on the quality of care at UW Hospitals and Clinics, please see the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality's website at


For comparative information on the pricing of care at UW Hospitals and Clinics, please see the WHA For Transparency website at


Cost and Quality Information for Health Care Consumers In Compliance Wisconsin Act 146 (pdf)


Pricing Transparency


Effective January 1, 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has required all hospitals to make a list of their current standard charges available to the public. This includes a listing of all the standard charges for every service provided, including chargeable supplies/implants and pharmaceuticals. To comply with this CMS requirement, please find a copy of UW Health’s chargemaster below.


UW Health Charge Master - Medications

UW Health Charge Master - Supplies

UW Health Charge Master - Procedures


As you review the pricing information, it is important to note that the charges reflect hospital charges only. Professional fees for physicians or Advance Practice Practitioners are not reported here and will be billed separately. In addition, the fees list in this document reflect our full retail price for this service. UW Health has negotiated discounts on these rates with our contracted insurance companies. In addition, patients who do not have insurance are eligible for a self-pay discount from these rates.


Patients that would like a better understanding of the potential cost of their care are welcome to contact a Financial Counselor at (608) 263-1507. UW Health Financial Counselors are available to provide individualized out-of-pocket estimates based on the patient’s planned service and their insurance carrier/plan. These estimates can better assist patients in truly understanding what their out of pocket costs will be for the service they will be receiving.


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