Physical and Occupational Therapy

UW Health pain management in Madison, Wisconsin, offers physical and occupational therapy to patients for whom it may provide pain relief. Our skilled therapists are experienced at assessing and treating people with chronic pain. Their goal is to help you become as comfortable and functional as possible.
After a careful physical assessment, our therapists may employ a number of tools to help you. The tools will vary depending on your situation. Some of them are:
  • An individualized exercise program – the key part of treatment. Through exercise, you can help move your body back toward wellness.
  • Manual therapy to help balance your muscles and stretch tightened tissue.
  • Heat, cold, traction and electrical stimulation techniques to reduce pain and improve motion.
  • Bracing or splinting if needed to support painful areas. 
Upon discharge from physical or occupational therapy, you should have a new set of skills that you can use every day to keep yourself mobile, functional and more comfortable.