Pain Management Clinical Trials

Title: CREATE-1 Clinical Study


Investigator: Alaa A. Abd-Elsayed, MD

Study Sponsor: Axsome Therapeutics

Sponsor Website:


The purpose of this study is for investigational oral medication that may help improve Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) symptoms. Dr. Abd-Elsayed is one of the doctors at select centers in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia who are currently accepting participants for the CREATE-1 Clinical Study. If you suspect you have CRPS or have been diagnosed with CRPS within the past six months, you may qualify for the CREATE-1 study. Symptoms of CRPS include:

  • Intense burning pain
  • Changes in skin temperature, color, or texture
  • Extreme skin sensitivity
  • Swelling or stiffness in the affected area

Initial Eligibility Criteria

  • Suspect you have CRPS, or have been diagnosed with CRPS within the past six months
  • Pain is primarily in either one upper limb (arm or hand), or one lower limb (leg or foot)
  • Pain can be linked to an injury, trauma, or surgery
  • Able to attend required visits at your local study center over a six- to seven-month period

For more information, contact Study Coordinator Maggie Chilsen at (608) 263-2704.