Detailed Pain Evaluations

UW Health's pain specialists in Madison, Wisconsin, provide patients with detailed pain evaluations. This allows the treatment team to determine the type and nature of the patient's pain and design an appropriate treatment plan. 
Pain Management General Evaluations
The general evaluation includes the following:
  • Comprehensive history interview
  • Musculoskeletal examination to assess posture, motion and general physical function
  • Neurological examination to assess strength, reflexes, sensation, balance and thinking
  • General physical examination
Additional Evaluations
Some patients also meet with other team members to undergo additional evaluations, including: 
  • Psychological evaluation to assess emotions, habits and skills for coping with pain and stress
  • Physical therapy evaluation which is a more detailed musculoskeletal assessment
  • Diagnostic testing
Patients admitted under our interdisciplinary program undergo general, psychological, and physical therapy evaluations on the same day.  The team then develops a treatment plan and discusses it with the patient that afternoon.