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UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center: The latest stories about research and care

Discover our groundbreaking research, learn more about the latest innovations in cancer care, meet inspiring patients and learn how supporters are making a difference.


The latest news

Learn about groundbreaking research and the latest innovations in cancer care taking place at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

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Researchers looking at computer.
AdvancesCelebrating innovation in the lab
Every significant advancement in cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship starts with people willing to ask questions and take risks in a laboratory. The McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research has created a new award to celebrate paradigm-shifting bench-top research in cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship.
Marcia Budde outside walking her two dogs.
AdvancesGetting ‘life back’ after lung cancer
Marcia Budde was stunned by her stage IV lung cancer diagnosis in 2020, and held tough during difficult chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Now cancer-free, Budde is relieved to feel good and enjoy her active lifestyle again.
Patient Steve in hospital bed with Dr. Hematti during an infusion treatment
AdvancesInnovating new T-cell therapies
UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center recently treated its first solid tumor patient with T-cell therapy, a treatment that engineers the body’s own immune cells to fight cancer. T-cell therapy has been a significant treatment for leukemias and lymphomas, and new research is helping open the possibilities in solid tumor treatment. UW Carbone researchers are eager to keep pursuing these cutting-edge clinical trials.
An older couple drinking coffee, sitting at a laptop computer
Advances from the UW Carbone Cancer Center

Learn more about innovations in cancer research, discover how the Cancer Center is changing cancer care across the state, find tips and insights on living with cancer and meet inpsiring patients each month with Advances from the UW Carbone Cancer Center.


Show your support

Show your support by attending an event that benefits patient care and cancer research at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

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September 12, 2022Garding Against Cancer Eau Claire
A Wisconsin Men's Basketball exhibition game between UW-Madison and UW-Eau Claire. All proceeds support Eau Claire-area groups.
September 29, 2022Sex After Cancer: A Candid Discussion
Join gynecologic oncologist Dr. Janelle Sobecki and physician assistant Lori Seabourne for a free, virtual community talk focused on sexual health after cancer.

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Our patients

Meet a few of our patients

Carson Schmudlach smiling in a wheel chair
Meet our patientsCarson's story
A sense of humor helped Carson through treatment for medulloblastoma
Doctor Sharon Weber and patient Claudia McCormick smiling with arms over each other's shoulders
Our patientsClaudia's story
As a pancreatic cancer survivor, Claudia uses her second chance to help others.
Renee Zemke portrait
Our patientsRenee's story
After undergoing treatment for melanoma, Renee has dedicated herself to helping other survivors get back up after cancer knocks them down.


How you can make a difference

Advances in cancer research and patient care at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center are possible thanks to generous donations from caring community members. Your contributions enable our researchers to explore promising new ideas, purchase new cancer research technology, and develop better methods of diagnosing, treating, and preventing cancer. Learn about the many ways you can make a difference

Get involved
Other ways to help

Join together with patients, family, friends and community leaders to raise awareness and support for cancer research and treatment.