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Cancer clinic medical staff reviewing images
April 16, 2024Your guide to understanding phases of cancer clinical trials
Clinical trials can be an important resource for patients at every stage of their cancer diagnosis, but understanding the scientific terms, study protocols and process can be intimidating to many patients.
Doctor Amy Fowler wearing a white coat in a lab
April 16, 2024Clinical trial looks to improve treatment of early-stage breast cancer
A new clinical trial at UW Health | Carbone Cancer Center seeks to improve precision of presurgical treatments of early-stage breast cancer.
A scientist looking through a stereoscope next to a cellular-level image on a screen
March 8, 2024Come celebrate 50 years of cancer discovery with us
Get a peek behind the curtain of life-saving research and celebrate 50 years of innovation at the UW Carbone Cancer Center’s upcoming Open House.
Reseracher with a small shark in a tank
February 29, 2024Fighting metastatic cancer with the help of sharks
It seems unusual to think of sharks coming to a person’s rescue, but Dr. Aaron LeBeau hopes his finned research partners will provide life-saving options for patients whose cancer has spread throughout their body.
Three scientists working over a lab bench
February 22, 2024Engineering new CAR T-cell treatments for pediatric leukemia
Dr. Becky Richards’ pediatric cancer patients fuel her ambition to make new treatment discoveries in her research lab.
Two people talking next to a dog on a table
February 21, 2024Cancer research helps humans and pets
As new research continues to improve the care of humans who develop cancer, Dr. David Vail is among those who investigate how these discoveries can also help our furry friends.

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Judi Trampf, smiling, walking next to her oncologist Ryan Spencer
Uterine cancerClinical trail provides Judi hope and more time
Judi Trampf has been focused on living her life to the fullest with her wife, Katy Heyning. They’ve been jet-setting to bucket list countries, planning cruises and visiting family and friends often.
Bart Bortz and his family
Kidney cancerBart never missed a beat during kidney cancer clinical trial
The symptoms started subtly. Bart Bortz went to his doctor about a persistent cough in November 2015. Then, in early 2016, he began experiencing night sweats and fatigue.
Scarlett Griffith with her mother, Tami, and UW Health pediatric oncologist Christian Capitini
Pediatric leukemiaA clinical trial gives Scarlett hope
Little Scarlett Griffith might not have been dealt the luckiest hand after being diagnosed with a rare form of childhood leukemia. Fortunately, she is showing promising signs of conquering the disease, thanks to her care team at UW Health Kids American Family Children’s Hospital.
Danita Doyle smiling outdoors in a blue sweater.
Brain cancerConfident, caring neurosurgeon eased Danita’s worries
Danita Doyle, a spunky, 75-year-old woman from Mazomanie, Wis., has a way of getting straight to the point.
Holli, smiling in front of a tree.
Breast cancerOne year since having breast cancer surgery, Holli’s doing great
Holli Head of Rockford, Illinois had no reason to worry about her annual screening mammogram in late 2021.
Sam Paulson (right) with his twin Maxfield
Neuroblastoma'Gentle giant' Sam battled neuroblastoma into remission
If you saw Samuel Paulson today, you’d see a happy first-grader playing soccer with his twin, Maxfield. Besides soccer, Sam swims, plays tennis and baseball and is doing well in school, both socially and academically. He’s taller than most kids his age, but has a reputation as a “gentle giant” known for his kindness to other kids.


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