Optune® Device for Glioblastoma Multiforme

UW Health brain tumor doctors may use the Optune® device as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for patients with glioblastoma multiforme brain tumors.


What is the Optune® device?


The Optune® device treats glioblastoma multiforme by interrupting the process by which cancer cells divide and spread. The device is placed on the patient's head via four adhesive strips and produces wave-like electric fields. These electric fields slow or prevent the way cancer cells multiply.


The electric fields do not disturb healthy, non-cancerous cells.


The Optune® device is approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but can only be prescribed by certified doctors.


Will the Optune® device be used in my treatment?


UW Health brain tumor doctors will discuss the potential benefits of using the Optune® device as part of your treatment. Generally speaking, the Optune® device can be incorporated into treatment plans for patients who are at least 22 years old and do not have any skull defects.


If you and your doctor decide to incorporate the Optune® device in your treatment plan, it is generally used:

  • In conjunction with chemotherapy for patients newly-diagonosed with glioblastoma multiforme
  • As the lone treatment for patients who have previously undergone chemotherapy and/or surgery for glioblastoma multiforme

More Information About the Optune® device

  • The Optune® device can only be prescribed by certified doctors. UW Hospitals and Clinics is a certified the Optune® device program.
  • The Optune® device is not an option for women who are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant.
  • The most common side effects for patients using the Optune® device are headaches and scalp irritation.