American Family Children's Hospital

Your Health Care Team

health care teamYour health care team at University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, is committed to meeting your personal health care needs. You can be confident that we are striving every day to give you the most advanced health care available.
As a teaching hospital, we are also responsible for educating the next generation of health care professionals. Students completing their four years of medical school assist many of our supervising physicians. Nursing students and other health care professional and technical students also may be involved in providing your care.
Working closely with the hospital staff, these men and women focus their energy and talent on you and play pivotal roles in your health care.
Primary Care Physicians
It is important for all UW Health patients to have a primary care physician, or PCP. Your primary care physician serves as the leader of your health care team, helping to coordinate your health care needs.
Learn more about the role of primary care physicians and how to choose one to meet your needs.