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Voice and Swallow Clinic, UW Hospital
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Pediatric Voice and Swallow Clinic, American Family Children's Hospital
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Voice Clinic, 1 S. Park

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The health care providers at UW Health's Voice and Swallow Clinics provide a wide range of general and specialized care for the voice. We recognize that voicing is a complicated and intricate process that impacts our ability to communicate effectively and engage in daily activities. Through a comprehensive voice evaluation, our staff will determine the best approach to care for your voice concerns.


Voice Therapy: A Non-Operative Treatment


Voice therapy provided by certified speech-language pathologists is the go-to treatment method for many voice-related issues. This treatment typically introduces healthy vocal techniques and habits personalized to each patient to promote healing in the vocal folds and prevent further strain, irritation or damage.


Voice therapy, along with a firm commitment to healthy voice habits, can be effective in reducing or eliminating a number of voice problems. Therapy can even help to minimize or reverse some benign vocal fold lesions.


Perioperative Voice Therapy: Treating Voices Before and After Surgery


When surgical intervention is pursued, voice therapy is an important part of the pre- and post-operative process. Our multidisciplinary team of speech-language pathologists, surgeons and support staff collaborate closely to guide patients through their surgical experience.


Voice therapy prior to surgery can help patients to better understand what to expect following a surgery. Additionally, special vocal health guidelines and exercises are presented to ensure the best possible healing. Following surgery, voice therapy helps to facilitate a return to the safest, most effective, and healthiest voice use possible.


Intensive Voice Therapy: Boot Camp


In certain cases we recommend intensive voice therapy also known as "boot camps." Intensive therapy programs focus on rigorous voice practice across multiple therapy sessions with many different therapists or clinicians, within a one- to five-day span.



Authentic Voice and Communication


The UW Health Voice Clinic offers resources to help gender-expansive people find a more authentic voice. The clinic is internationally recognized as a leader in clinical care and research for voice and voice disorders. Gender-related voice treatment is offered as part of the Comprehensive Gender Services Program at UW Health. Learn more



Surgical Procedures and Office-based Treatments


In-office treatments do not require being taken to the operating room and are routinely performed using only topical anesthesia, sparing the risks, inconveniences and costs associated with general anesthesia. In-office procedures include:

  • Laryngotracheoscopy (airway exam)
  • Transnasal esophogoscopy (TNE)
  • Laryngoscopy
  • KTP laser (Potassium titanyl phosphate)
  • Injection medialization procedures

Surgical procedures completed in the operating room  include:

Other treatments include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of voice and velopharyngeal disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic cough and vocal cord dysfunction