Voice and Swallow specialists at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, see patients with concerns related to speaking and voice, as well as swallowing disorders.


Our team is at the forefront of providing in-office treatments for swallowing disorders and many voice, resonance, and airway conditions. Our voice specialists enjoy an international reputation for excellence in providing highly specialized care for professional and amateur singers and actors, as well as other professional voice users such as teachers, broadcasters, salespeople, clergy, and others.



Our Program


Voice and Swallow medical director Susan Thibeault, PhD, CCC-SLP, says UW Health's service includes physicians, speech pathologists and surgeons, and can quickly process referrals if further expertise is needed.

UW Health Voice and Swallowing: APT Actors and UW Health Voice Clinic video 

APT and The Voice Clinic


Actors from the American Players Theater in Spring Green came to Madison to learn how to take care of their voices at the Voice Clinic.


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Jacob Marshal | Kitt Reuter-Foss

UW Health Voice and Swallowing: Dr. Seth Dailey 

Our Doctors


Dr. Dailey specializes in surgery for voice disorders (dysphonia) such as vocal cord paralysis and cysts/nodules of the larynx.


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UW Health Voice and Swallowing: Doctor with singer 

Professional Voice Care


UW Health Voice and Swallow Clinic physicians and support staff understand the importance of voice quality to singers, actors, teachers, and other professionals who depend on their voices.


Our Professional and Performing Voice Program


Performing Arts Medicine

UW Health Voice and Swallowing pediatric services: Young girl drinking water 

Pediatric Services


The pediatric voice and swallow experts at the American Family Children's Hospital are internationally recognized for excellence in research, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric voice disorders.


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Voice and Swallow CEU lectures

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