Resonance Concerns

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Voice and Swallow Clinic, UW Hospital

(608) 263-6190


Pediatric Voice and Swallow Clinic, American Family Children's Hospital
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Voice Clinic, 1 S. Park

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UW Health physicians and support staff in Madison, Wisconsin provide comprehensive treatment for resonance disorders.
Common resonance disorders are:
  • Hypernasality (too much sound through the nose)
  • Hyponasality (too little sound through the nose)

Hypernasality is most common in children who have a cleft palate or repaired cleft palate but can have other causes as well. Hyponasality is most often caused by a narrow nasal passage or narrowing of the area connecting the nose and the mouth.




A typical evaluation of resonance or velopharyngeal function includes:

  • Thorough review of the concern and any related medical or surgical factors
  • Perceptual evaluation of speech sounds and resonance balance
  • Measurement of nasal airflow and intraoral air pressure to determine velopharyngeal resistance (aerodynamic assessment)
  • Measurement of resonance
  • Trial therapy to indicate potential for improved resonance or nasal airflow characteristics
  • Flexible fiberoptic nasopharyngoscopy and/or videoflouroscopy to view the soft palate and pharyngeal walls during speech