Travel medicine: Protecting your health, both abroad and back home

The UW Health Travel Clinic offers pre-travel counseling, immunizations and health advice for adults and children who are planning to travel abroad, and post-travel medical evaluations and consultations.


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Our goal is to protect the health of travelers by providing exemplary clinical care along with specific advice and information for each traveler both prior to their trip and after their return.

About travel medicine appointments

  • Schedule your visit at the clinic 6-8 weeks prior to the start of your trip to allow your immune system to increase antibodies against the diseases against which you have been immunized and provide sufficient time for any additional issues that might arise.

  • We will do a comprehensive assessment of health risks for your specific international travel.

  • You will receive counseling to minimize disease risks.

  • We will recommend and prescribe immunizations and medications for protection against communicable diseases.

Bring to your appointment

  1. A detailed itinerary, including dates of travel and countries you will be entering and airport layovers.

  2. Any regions you will be visiting and specific activities you may be doing (such as trekking).

  3. A record of your previous immunizations. If you have a Certificate of International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (Yellow card), you should bring this to your appointment.

  4. A current list of any medications.


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The UW Health Travel Clinic is at University Hospital in Madison. Our clinic is a Wisconsin State Department of Health and CDC-designated center for yellow fever vaccine.

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