Rick Green's Hip Replacement Surgery

Rick Green underwent hip replacement surgery at UW Hospital and Clinics. Here's his story.


I had back-to-back total hip replacements by the team of Dr. Matt Squire and Alicia Purdin, PA, on August 17 and October 17. They make an excellent team and I felt as if I was their only patient.


Both surgeries and recoveries went smooth as silk for me and by Christmas I was power-walking, plowing snow and swimming on painless hips.


I was more than fully happy with my UW Hospital experience and, if I needed a third hip replacement, I would surely have it done at UW Hospital by the team of Squire and Purdin.


If you have been in constant pain for the past two or three years like I was, and it is slowing you down and getting worse, don't hesitate to get a full examination by the Orthopedics Clinic at UW Hospital.


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