Pediatric fitness: Helping children develop healthy habits

Our unique UW Health Kids Fitness Clinic combines education with fun to help children and teens learn the importance of activity and good nutrition.


A holistic approach to establish healthy children

The UW Health Kids Fitness Clinic helps children and teens between the ages of 5-18 who have concerns about their health, fitness or weight gain.

Working with the entire family, we perform a medical evaluation, look at exercise habits, diet and family health history to put together a plan for making healthier lifestyle choices. Plans always start with a focus on nutrition and activity changes as our goal is to assist children and families in achieving greater fitness, healthy bodies and the confidence to stay active and healthy throughout their lives.

For some children, medications may be discussed at a follow up visit, but they are not usually the first course of treatment and are most effective when combined with appropriate lifestyle changes. In many cases, insurance only considers covering medication for obesity for children 12 and over who have diabetes.

What to expect

The first appointment includes:

  • A health exam to evaluate medical status

  • Body composition scan, to measure a child's muscle, bone and fat

  • Exercise to track fitness levels and set goals

  • Nutrition consult to review diet and set healthy balanced eating goals.

After a plan is given, follow-up visits are coordinated by our care team, the patient and their family. Depending on the care plan, return visits may be scheduled every 1-2 months to monitor progress closely and review goals, or every 6-12 months for program maintenance and fitness testing.

Clinic patients are encouraged to join the after-school monitored exercise program that is held at the sports medicine exercise lab or indoor pool. Individualized exercise programs are give to each child with group activities held at the end of each session.

To refer a patient or schedule an appointment for your child, call (608) 263-5210.

Parents interested in the program should contact their insurance provider for benefit information prior to scheduling the first appointment. If your insurance company requires a referral for this visit, please ask your child’s doctor to submit a referral electronically or via fax. If they have any questions, they can call (608) 263-5210.

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The UW Health Kids Fitness Clinic is located within the Research Park Clinic in Madison, Wis.

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The UW Health Kids Fitness team is dedicated to helping families live active, healthy lives. At this clinic, you will have access to doctors, exercise physiologists, nurses, registered dietitians and clinical nutritionists.

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