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Woman undergoing a CT scan

Diagnostic Imaging: Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?


Each year, 70 million computed tomography (CT) scans are performed in the U.S. Because radiation kills cells, overexposure can be harmful, but UW Health's Jeffrey Kanne, MD, says the benefits far outweight the risks.


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More Neurology and Neurosurgery News


Pediatric Neurology Expands, Offers More Clinics



UW Health pediatric oncologist Kenneth de Santes   

Can Natural Killer Cells Wipe Out Childhood Cancer?

Pediatric oncologist Kenneth De Santes, MD, is studying whether an experimental treatment relying on "natural killer" cells can more effectively destroy cancer cells in children with leukemia or solid tumors who have failed conventional therapies.


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More Pediatric News  


Policy Statement Encourages More Doctors to Screen for Alcohol Abuse



UW Health surgical resident Silke Niederhaus 

From Recipient to Resident: Transplant Surgeon Followed Her Dream

Silke Niederhaus, MD, remembers clearly the day she decided to be a transplant surgeon. She was 11 and undergoing a kidney transplant herself in Heidelberg, Germany.


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More Transplant News 


Pancreas Transplant Program: Short Waitlists, Excellent Outcomes



Dr. Wan-Ju Li, PhD 

Regenerative Medicine Lab Grows Muscoskeletal Tissues from Stem Cells

Dr. Wan-Ju Li, PhD, uses electrospinning to create intricate scaffolds that mimic human collagen. The goal? Someday, these custom-engineered tissues could be implanted into injured and arthritic joints.


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More Orthopedics News


Pediatric Gait Analysis

Robot-assisted Partial Knee Replacement



Ethiopian medical patient 

Vascular Surgeon Leads Program to Build Emergency Services in Ethiopia

Vascular surgeon Girma Tefera is using an American International Health Alliance grant to lead an HIV/AIDS Twinning Center program and train Ethiopian health professionals to build, manage and lead a successful emergency department.


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More Heart, Vascular and Thoracic Care News 


Clinic for Cancer Patients with Cardiac Complications



UW Health radiologist Dr.Perry Pickhardt 

Virtual Colonoscopy May Find More Than Just Colon Cancer 


A large-scale study by a University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher shows that advanced CT imaging designed to detect colon cancer also found malignant cancers in other parts of the body.


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More Cancer News


Unmasking the Chameleon Cancer and Saving More Lives



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