Daily Vascular Surgery Rounds via the Web

While one-on-one care from a dedicated physician is still the cornerstone in a patient relationship, the contributions of an entire team of specialists can be even more valuable.


On a given morning at 7:30am, you'll find UW Health vascular surgeons logging on through an encrypted link to discuss the current hospital inpatients together. They review the patient's condition, view new test results or images, and discuss recovery progress and additional care needs for the patient.


"Patients can often be very complicated, and a fresh look from a previously uninvolved surgeon often may provide more insight into alternative care plans, "says Jon Matsumura, MD, and Chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery at UW Hospital and Clinics. "The patient care plan clearly benefits from the expertise of multiple overlapping reviews."


After morning Web rounds, a physician still rounds to meet with patients one-on-one, armed with a care plan determined through discussion between multiple vascular specialists, including surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, vascular technologists, intensivists, pharmacists, and case managers.


Dr. Matsumura adds that "Routine consultation and peer review as a group adds an extra layer of safety. The idea that your care is being reviewed daily keeps you up to date and on your toes."