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Virtual Colonoscopy Providers

UW Health radiologists use virtual colonoscopy to diagnose and treat ailments of the colon. The pictures below depict images produced during the virtual colonoscopy process.
Normal Versus Tortuous Colon: A Comparison
Healthy colon   Torturous colon 

Normal colon: 3-D virtual colonoscopy overview map shows a colon of normal length.


Tortuous colon: 3-D virtual colonoscopy overview map of the colon from a patient who had a previous incomplete conventional colonoscopy shows a markedly tortuous and elongated colon. Unlike the physical scope, this generally does not cause problems for virtual colonoscopy.

Virtual Colonoscopy Image Series
Colon polyp   Colon polyp   Colon polyp
3-D VC image shows a large polyp.   The polyp is confirmed on the 2-D VC image.   The polyp was removed at same-day colonoscopy.
Translucency Color Map
Colon polyp   Colon polyp 

3-D VC image shows a polyp.


The translucency color map shows the polyp is composed of soft tissue (red) with a surrounding rim of contrast material (white).

A Full View
Vitual colonoscopy image 3-D VC image demonstrates the relative blind spots at conventional colonoscopy. The areas not painted green were missed on one-way VC fly-through, which simulates conventional colonoscopy. VC is not restricted by direction and therefore sees more of the colon.