Cindy Spetz, OT

  • Occupational Therapy


Cynthia Spetz is an occupational therapist at UW Health. Cindy specializes in hand-to-shoulder orthopedic conditions and lymphedema.

As a certified hand therapist, Cindy treats patients with injuries, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome and other conditions that impact the hand, wrist and elbow. Her goal is to increase strength, relieve pain and improve function and mobility for her patients. She also uses her skills to help patientsrecover after shoulder surgery.

As a certified lymphedema therapist, Cindy treats swelling caused by a buildup of extra lymph fluid in the body. Some people experience this buildup while battling infection, during cancer treatment or after lymph node removal surgery. To control lymphedema symptoms, she uses a variety of techniques, including exercise, compression devices, skin care and massage.

Cindy also uses special therapy techniques to care for patients with conditions related to breast cancer treatment and the effects of breast surgery.

With a whole-person care approach, Cindy looks for ways to care for her patients’ entire well-being while still focusing on the particular reason they were referred for therapy. If her patients need other types of care, she collaborates with other clinicians and makes referrals.

Languages spoken
  • English