Waukesha Kidney Outreach Clinic

Patients who live in the Milwaukee area and want the expertise of the UW Health kidney transplant team won’t have to travel to Madison for outpatient care. In June, the UW Health Transplant Program opened a kidney outreach clinic in Waukesha, Wisconsin to offer another option for people in Southeastern Wisconsin. Since the program’s inception in 1966, UW Health has performed more than 10,000 kidney transplants, making it one of the largest programs in the country. In addition to deceased donors, UW Health has served more than 3,000 living donors, both through direct donation and the growing paired kidney exchange program.


For the past two years, Waukesha has already been home to UW Health’s thriving liver outreach clinic. Now, pre- and post-transplant kidney patients also will have access to the full spectrum of outpatient care, including patient evaluations; radiology, cardiology and lab testing. Didier Mandelbrot, MD, nephrologist and medical director of the UW Health kidney transplant program, will see patients once a month at the Waukesha clinic, along with a nurse transplant coordinator.


Learn more at uwhealth.org/transplant. Interested in being a living donor? Visit uwhealth.org/CanIBeADonor