10 Ways To Promote Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation

Donate LifeAre you ready for National Donate Life Month?


Hundreds of volunteers are gearing up so they can share their knowledge and experience to get more people registered on Wisconsin's Donor Registry. And you can help.


In addition to participating in the the many events across the state, there are 10 things anyone could do today to promote organ, tissue and eye donation:

  1. Write a letter to the editor of your community newspaper. Share your experience and remind others to register as an organ, tissue and eye donor at donatelifewisconsin.org


  2. Volunteer for community events, speaking engagements or opportunities that promote organ donation. To join the UW Organ and Tissue Donation team, visit: uwhealth.org/OPOvolunteer


  3. Send an email, post a Facebook message or share a Tweet. Tell your contacts that you support donation. Include a link to your state's registry!


  4. Share your transplant story or donation experience for possible inclusion in UW Health publications, media and/or online. To share your story, visit: uwhealth.org/mytransplantstory


  5. Support UW Health's transplant research and patient-support projects; and/or donate to ongoing donation education efforts. To make an online donation, visit: uwhealth.org/givingsecondchances


  6. Join the Dottie Donor Dot volunteer team. Dottie is Wisconsin's donation mascot and her team of volunteers makes appearances at donation awareness events. To learn more about the volunteer team, to schedule an appearance or to buy your very own Dottie doll, go to: uwhealth.org/DottieDot


  7. Distribute donation information through your social clubs or religious groups. Download information at donatelifewisconsin.org. (Note the Educational Materials link at the top of the page.)


  8. Purchase a Donate Life license plate. Plates are available online at: dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/vehicles/personal/special/donatelife.htm


  9. Ask your employer to support a workplace education opportunity. Maybe you could share your story in the company newsletter, ask your boss to send out a company-wide email, or let staff host a donor awareness/education table in your company cafeteria.


  10. Fly a Donate Life flag at your home or business. Order yours at http://www.donationmerchandise.com/